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Whether you need a new logo, website, video, marketing campaign, or eBook created for your business you´re in the right place. Meet the Brazilian designers.


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We are a Brazilian graphic design boutique studio where business find good ideas and great service quality. We are focused on helping customers in Florida and Brazil promote their brands, products and services.

What we do

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No coding skills required to create unique sites. Customize your site in real-time and see the results instantly.


Visual Identity

We help our customers find their brand identity, their visual “soul mate”. The brand is the showcase of your business and to reach a perfect result requires a lot of dedication, studies and reflections. Everything starts when you know your purpose clearly. Only after that we will help you to set your Logo. 140 Design produces original that highlight your images and catch the eye of your site or both presentations, differentiating them from the others.


Advertising & Marketing

Digital Ads and Print Ads, on and off-line. See some examples and ad cases that effectively express brand meanings. We are expert in developing a range of ad pieces like banners, display ads, on and off material. Packaging: the world is digital and real world products need attractive and seductive packaging. 140 Design develops sophisticated packaging suitable for various types of audiences. illustrations Content production for websites takes on a new look when images are original and enriched by design.



Trade shows are places where B2B markets meet. More than that, they are places where people meet, exchange cards, talk about their experiences and problems, and offer solutions. We develop stand layouts that make a difference. Remember: you need to invest in good booth layouts before building it them. Events work are very important to reach your audience at the moment they are in front of you.



Books attract because they share ideas, experiences, knowledge and fun. People leave their legacy, companies gain prestige and win customers with their coffe table book or premium book. We invite you to know the portfolio of books already made by 140 Design. 140 Design specializes in developing high impact and efficient folders.



We have had na extent portfolio of Folders, Presentations, Brochures, Flyers, Booklets and Catalogs – whether digital or print, brochures are powerful working tools and help in selling products, services and solutions.


Email Marketing

Direct marketing has found digital recognition in terms of delivering relevant content to its audiences. The look of an email marketing campaign can make all the difference when it comes to impacting the right person. 140 Design has extensive experience in producing email marketing pieces. Newsletters: we live the age of content marketing. Brands have to relate to their users by providing consistent and frequent information. The newsletters developed by 140 Design bring together beauty and practicality, reaching users wherever they are.


Meet our Team

São Paulo, Brazil, Florida, United States. The connection between this two countries is made up of designers Gabriela Yaroslavsky and Daniela Porat who serve clients in Brazil and the US, especially the community of Brazilian entrepreneurs who are helping to build new businesses around the world.

Web Design

We Build Awesome Websites

The website is the central part of the digital strategy. It must be clear, objective and functional. And, more than that, it must be beautiful and attractive. Our goal is to help build a sales-friendly website – for products or services.